Similar groups and their resources

Movement Defence Committee (Toronto)
Law Union of BC
Law Union of Ontario
No One Is Illegal (Vancouver)
Mutant Legal (US)
Titled Scales Collective (US)
Electronic Frontier Foundation – Digital Security Materials (US)
Midnight Special Law Collective (US)
National Lawyers Guild (US)
Bring the Ruckus – Six Criteria of Political Work (US)

Legal Resources

Leo McGrady’s “Law of Protest in BC” materials
Legal Services Society (BC legal Aid)
BC Human Rights Clinic
Pivot Legal Society
BCCLA’s Arrest Handbook
BCCLA’s Arrest Pocketbook: A Guide to Your Rights
BCCLA’s Know Your Protest Rights
Working with Indigenous Law
LSLAP Manual (Criminal Law chapter)
Resources for Criminal Cases
“If You Are Accused of a Crime” Guide (BC)
Clicklaw (BC)